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Qld bomb detonations could take days

Experts could be detonating explosives found riddled throughout a southern Brisbane home for days.


Police raided the Rochedale South home after a tip-off that the man renting the property had posted pictures of explosives on Facebook.

Chief Superintendent Noel Powers says officers found large amounts of highly explosive chemicals and compounds, bullet casings, spent munitions and an inert training grenade.

There’s also evidence that drugs and explosives were being manufactured there.

The man, 32, had also been fossicking around restricted military ranges.

Chief Supt Powers says the man wasn’t planning to attack any person or organisation, isn’t part of any terrorist group and has no link to the upcoming G20 leader’s forum.

“He’s probably not an avid bomb maker, just someone with an unhealthy curiosity with explosives, combined with a limited knowledge of chemistry, or perhaps a more than average knowledge in chemistry,” he told reporters on Sunday.

“It’s a lethal combination.”

Chief Supt Powers says dangerous items are riddled throughout the home and it will take experts days to find out where they are, what they are, if they can be moved or if they need to be detonated on site.

“I dare say housekeeping is not this gentleman’s strong point,” he said.

“You can’t quantify or say what could have happened or what may have happened.

“The fact is that this is happening right beside people who are going about their daily lives with their families.

“It could’ve been devastating.”

The 32-year-old renting the home has been arrested and charged with manufacturing explosives without authority, failing to correctly store explosives and two counts of unlawfully possessing weapons.

He’s due to appear in the Beenleigh Magistrates court on Monday.

Chief Supt Powers urged people to call police if they saw any activity they considered suspicious.