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Germany not pressed for Gitmo commitment

US President Barack Obama said he had neither asked for nor received any hard commitments from Germany on taking Guantanamo Bay detainees, after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


“Chancellor Merkel has been very open to discussions with us. We have not asked her for hard commitments and she has not given us any hard commitments,” Obama said.

US President Barack Obama met German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the heart of Dresden, where Allied bombing in the final months of World War II flattened the city and killed an estimated 35,000 people.

After policy talks and a news conference Obama and Merkel were due to travel to Buchenwald, the former Nazi concentration camp where more than 56,000 prisoners perished.

After paying a visit to wounded US troops in Landstuhl medical centre, the US president was due to wrap up his trip in France at the 65th anniversary commemorations of the D-Day landings in Normandy on Saturday.

Visit follows landmark Muslim address

Obama flew in late Thursday from Cairo after a landmark address to the Muslim world vowing to forge a “new beginning” for Islam and America and laid out a new blueprint for US Middle East policy.

International leaders hailed Obama’s speech on ties with the Muslim world as opening a “new page” but arch foes called for Washington to deliver action rather than words.

Obama said the United States had created the space and the atmosphere to restart Middle East peace talks following his landmark speech to the Muslim world.

After talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany, Obama also called on the key players in the region to make tough decisions, warning the United States could not make peace on its own.