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British jihadist killed in Iraq

A married father-of-two is believed to have become the second British jihadist to have killed himself while fighting in Syria and Iraq.


The man, named in reports as Kabir Ahmed, is believed to have been involved in a suicide bomb attack in the town of Beiji, north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, two days ago.

Going under the name Abu Sumayyah, the 32-year-old is said not to have told his family that he was fleeing Britain to fight for terrorist organisation Islamic State.

It would make Ahmed the second British jihadist suicide bomber, after Abdul Waheed Majeed – a 41-year-old father-of-three – blew himself up in February when he drove a truck laden with explosives into a jail in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Ahmed died when he drove a truck packed with explosives into a convoy of a top Iraqi police officer, killing eight people, including the ranking official, authorities said.

Ahmed’s identity was confirmed by Shiraz Maher, from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College in London, which monitors social media accounts of alleged jihadists.

Writing on Twitter, Maher wrote: “British foreign fighter, Abu Sumayyah, (real name: Kabir Ahmed) from Derby carried out a suicide bombing in Baiji, Iraq, yesterday.

“British suicide bomber in Iraq, Abu Sumayyah (Kabir Ahmed) originally joined Jund al-Sham in Syria and then moved to Islamic State.

“Abu Sumayyah (Kabir Ahmed), British suicide bomber in Iraq, was 32, married, and had children.”

The Foreign Office is now looking into the incident. A spokesman said: “We are aware of reports of the death of a British national in Iraq and are looking into them.”

Ahmed was one of three men to be jailed in 2012 for handing out a leaflet calling for gay people to be executed.

Ahmed, with two others, distributed material entitled The Death Penalty? that showed an image of a mannequin hanging from a noose and quoted Islamic texts that said capital punishment was the only way to rid society of homosexuality.